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Al Gore ist der erste CO2-Milliardär der Welt, 

schreibt Natural News. Mit „ultimativem Schwachsinn“ habe der selbsternannte Klimaretter sein privates Vermögen vervielfacht.

Anmerkung: Und woher kommt das Geld? Na, von uns, den Steuerzahlern.


Erklärung des Ständigen Vertreters der Russischen Föderation bei der OPCW zum Vorfall in Salisbury (Deutsche Übersetzung)

Da die westliche Propaganda regelmäßig Originaldokumente und Fakten unterdrückt und stattdessen ausschließlich durch politisch gleichgeschaltete „Nachrichtenagenturen“ oder „Journalisten“ gefilterte und verzerrte Informationen verbreitet, veröffentlichen wir an dieser Stelle die offizielle Erklärung Russlands zum Fall Skripal an die OPCW in eigener Übersetzung.  …

… Unsere britischen Kollegen sollten ihren propagandistischen Eifer und ihre Phrasen für ihr unaufgeklärtes heimischem Publikum aufsparen, wo sie vielleicht eine gewisse Wirkung entfalten. Hier, innerhalb der Mauern einer spezialisierten, internationalen Organisationen wie der OPCW, muss man Fakten und nichts anderes als Fakten präsentieren. Hören Sie auf, Hysterie zu schüren! Fangen Sie an und formulieren Sie eine offizielle Anfrage für Konsultationen mit uns, um die Situation zu klären.  …  


Paul Craig Roberts – Die Entlassung des Außenministers Tillerson, die Ernennung des CIA-Direktors Pompeo zum Außenminister 

und die Beförderung von Gina Haspel, die die geheimen CIA-Foltergefängnisse in Thailand beaufsichtigt hat, deuten darauf hin, dass der Militär-/Sicherheitskomplex seine Vereinnahmung des Trump-Regimes abgeschlossen hat. Von einer Normalisierung der Beziehungen zu Russland wird nicht mehr die Rede sein.


‘Godmother of Torture’ Gina Haspel should be in dock at The Hague, not head of CIA – agency whistleblower 




During the 25 years I spent in Washington, there was still some intelligence and some integrity in the US government. 

Today neither intelligence nor integrity exists in Washington. You can with confidence expect the worst.


It seems that finally the Russians have had enough. The Russian Foreign Ministry informed the crazed UK prime Minister May that “one does not give 24 hours notice to a nuclear power.”  

The Russian Foreign Ministry went on to state that the so-called “Skripal poisoning” is “a colossal international provocation” and “another crooked attempt by the UK authorities to discredit Russia.”


PaulCraigRoberts: The firing of Secretary of State Tillerson, the movement of CIA Director Pompeo to Secretary of State, and the promotion of Gina Haspel, who oversaw the secret CIA torture prisons in Thailand

indicate that the military/security complex has closed its grip on the Trump regime. There will be no more talk of normalizing relations with Russia.


PaulCraigRoberts: The combination of the Israel Lobby, the neoconservatives, and the military/security complex have proven to be too powerful for peace to be established between the two nuclear powers. 

If you look at Trump’s administration, the above three forces are those in charge. Israel remains determined to use the US military to destabilize Syria and Iran in order to isolate Hezbollah and cut off the milita’s support and supplies. The neoconservatives both support Israel’s interest and their own desire for Washington’s hegemony over the world. The military/security complex intends to hold on to the “Russia threat” as a justification of its budget and power.   …


PaulCraigRoberts: Yet, Washington and its vassals persist in making violent and false charges and threats against Russia, Iran, and on occasion China. Russia, Iran, and China know that these charges are false. 

Confronting an endless string of false and hostile charges, they prepare for war.


PaulCraigRoberts: The world is being driven to war, which would be nuclear, by a tiny minority: Israeli Zionists, neoconservatives, and the US military/security complex. 

We are witnessing the most reckless and irresponsible behavior in world history. Where are the voices against it?


Auch der französische Präsident Emmanuel Macron hält es inzwischen für belegt, dass Russland Urheber des Giftgasanschlags auf den Ex-Doppelagenten Sergej Skripal und dessen Tochter ist.

Anmerkung: Von solchen Leuten werden die Völker des glorreichen Westens reagiert. Aber nun gut: Ihr habt sie alle selber gewählt. – Siehe zu Skripal auch hier:

May’s argument is thoroughly deconstructed on the Moon of Alabama website, which pointed out that Russia had destroyed all left over stocks from the Soviet Union’s chemical weapon program and does not currently produce chemical weapons. Further, there are any number of governments capable of carrying out the Salisbury attack. “If someone is run-over by a BMW is it ‘highly likely’ that the German government is responsible for it?” the Moon of Alabama asks.

Oder hier:

A vital missing word from Theresa May’s statement yesterday was “only”. She did not state that the nerve agent used was manufactured ONLY by Russia. She rather stated this group of nerve agents had been “developed by” Russia. Antibiotics were first developed by a Scotsman, but that is not evidence that all antibiotics are today administered by Scots.


Apple hat versagt? MacBook Pro 15″ mit Touchbar




Die weiterhin anhaltende unbegrenzte Migration in die deutschen Sozialsysteme werde die Bundesrepublik kollabieren lassen, 

so AfD-Fraktionschefin Alice Weidel.


Where is the Gutless Media as Freedom of Speech Disappears? – David Icke 




‘Russia should go away & shut up’ – UK Defence Secretary amid diplomatic row 

Anmerkung: Die spinnen, die Briten – beziehungsweise deren Administration. 



The new CIA director Gina Haspel is well known for actively directing and participating in the torture of prisoners at ‚black sites‘:

Haspel would be in jail if former president Barack Obama had not decided against prosecuting the CIA torture crimes. Torturing prisoners is a war crime. Obstruction of courts and destruction of evidence are likewise crimes. Both, Pompeo and Haspel, will need to be confirmed by Congress. Both will receive a significant number of ‚yes‘-votes from the Democratic side of the aisle.


A meager presence of American troops and their supporters in Eastern Syria will not go far. It is doomed to fail, even in a conventional or resistance-based warfare. 

The war that American ground troops are preparing for on Syrian ground is lost before it starts. That said, I do not believe that an American presence in Syria will have to wait for a resistance-based “insurgency” for it to be pushed out.


But the war and political machines of the Empire continue to refuse to listen. This is not only because they cannot admit that the Empire has lost the techno-war against Russia, 

but most importantly because if such an admission were to be made, the domestic reaction can spiral out of control; not only against the ruling party in any given NATO state, but also in the face of the whole concept of Western security.





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